5 Reasons Why Yoga Is Not A Waste of Time

1. Yoga Increases Strength

Strength is increased when doing yoga by providing the body with a greater range of motion through flexibility.

2. Yoga Decreases Anxiety & Stress

When your mind is transferred to the focus of your deep breathing that goes along with doing yoga, this can help to decrease the anxiety and stress of the day and help you to release any physical tension along with the anxiety and stress. The deep breathing in yoga helps to reduce your heart rate, lowering your blood pressure and easing respiration.

3. Yoga Increases Happiness

Yoga helps to increases happiness and positivity through the act of improving your mental wellbeing. In other words when you do yoga, you’re not only exercising your physical being but your mental being as well. All parts of the brain are stimulated when doing yoga. Visit, your brain on yoga for a detailed explanation on how the brain is used during yoga.

4. Yoga Alleviates Pain

Yoga helps to alleviate tension in your body and certain poses aid in alleviating pain in certain parts of the body, this is performed in a slow and gentle way that will help prevent future injury, a simple stretch of the body parts that experience higher amounts of pain will help towards relieving stress and help you towards feeling happy and positive.
 Yoga is also great for those with back pain and great for taking care of your spine as well. Yoga practices the use of good posture, positioning and balance through the use of your core. Through the focus of balance and good posture, yoga helps to relieve back pain and aids in keeping the spine healthy and aligned. It is always great to do yoga if you have a desk job where you are sitting for long periods of time, or if you have a job that has you on your feet all the time. Basically it is essential for everyone

5. Yoga Helps With Weight Loss

Yoga, any type of yoga, aids in the weight loss process, not only weight loss but the strengthening of your body and reduces cellulite in the process. Yoga is a great way to get rid of the waste in your body and helps to tone your muscles through the training of using your core for balance. If yoga is performed between 3-5 days a week, the body is better taken care of through the lubrication of the joints and the active stretching of the muscles which leads to a healthier life.

The benefits of yoga are endless, I personally love starting my day by doing yoga everyday, it is a great way to wake up. Performing stretches in the morning leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to start my day. I love feeling more in tune with my body and I always finish feeling like I can conquer my day.
 Ever since I discovered the benefits of yoga and experiencing the benefits first hand, it has changed the way I see exercise. I used to hate thinking about going to the gym, but now I love rolling out my mat in the morning, lighting a candle and focusing on my breathing while stretching my body and mentally preparing for the day. I hope you will start to show your body some love by starting yoga.

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