What Am I Currently Listening To?

The quickest answer to your question: “Is There A Place I Can Go” by Trudy and the Romance.

This has been my song playing on repeat for a couple days now. I’m the type of person to listen to one song endlessly for hours on end, day after day. Especially if I need time to think, when a song repeats so many times I find myself tuning out the lyrics and just listening to the beat, which gives my mind the chance to wander off and really explore the thoughts in my head. I actually have an entire playlist dedicated to me zoning out to be able to be alone with my thoughts.

I love finding a song that really lets me feel how I want to feel because it just complements my life so well and it honestly feels like my own personal background music to my life, you know like how they do in the movies. I’m a little dramatic that way, but it is the best outlet for me to truly express how I feel in that moment. This song just makes me appreciate life a little more, helps me to reflect and is perfect on a beautiful Spring day, like today actually. I run to this song in the morning, I write to this song in the afternoon & I roll down all my windows and just drive to this song at night. This is a song that you can just drive aimlessly for hours with no real direction in mind, late at night with your most favorite person in the world. The kind of song that you put to videos of you and your friends on a crazy summer night, the one where you are all just scream singing in the car and making waves with your arms out the window as you drive. This is the song that makes me look back on all the amazing times in my life and just smile.

I usually end up tying a certain emotion to a certain event in my life to the one song that I choose to be my outlet. So whenever I hear that specific song, I can just remember exactly what I was feeling at that time in my life and be able to feel how I want. So when I want to think or feel a certain way just to remember, I will play that song and be able to go back to that moment in my life, no matter how long ago it was. I’m not sure if anyone else really does that or not but it really does give me a deeper feeling of peace.

During this time in my life I have found a few songs that have comforted me. I’ve never dealt with this big of an emotional earthquake, so instead of just one song, I’ve found a few to help me remember and express each emotion. This is definitely a happier one for me, one where I can feel content and just be outside and look around and be so thankful for all that I have. This song makes me feel grateful for my life and makes me evaluate everything that has happened, it reminds me that nothing can change the past and I just have to keep moving forward now. It gives me that sense of hope again and helps me think of all the good times rather than focusing on the bad.

So, that’s what I’m listening to for right now and will probably be listening to it for some time to come. I’m interested in hearing what “your song” is at the moment and the story behind it as well. I realize you may not relate to this song as strongly as I do but please share the song that you are strongly attached to, I would love to give it a listen!

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