A lot of us find comfort in our routines, our daily rituals and our regular ways of doing things. While routines can be extremely useful in life and help you to really accomplish more, it’s important that we learn to break them every once and again. Now, when I say to break your routine, I don’t mean break your diet routine or your workout routine to do the exact opposite and ruin all your hard work. I’m leaning more towards a positive outlet of rigidness.

For example, it can get very boring doing the same exact thing every single day for months on end. Before you even realize you could have lived the same exact day for so long and then BLINK, 2 years have passed by. I think we all should take part in being a little more spontaneous in life and with our routines. Instead of coming home from work every night, making dinner and watching the same Netflix show that you’ve been binge watching, why don’t you call up a friend and invite them over for drinks. Go to the movies on a Wednesday night and watch that one chick-flick you’ve been dying to see. Go get a massage after a long day or just go out for a drink somewhere and make it a point to talk to someone. Call up all your besties and schedule a fun girls’ trip for one weekend, or even decide to just chill at the beach and watch the sunset one night.

So, when I say to “get out of your routine” I am not suggesting drastic changes, just small little things that make each day feel different and gives you the opportunity to meet new people or build stronger relationships in the process. We could all use a little change of scenery because I for one go mad if I find myself living the same exact day on repeat. It makes life feel boring and life should be an adventure because we only have 1 life so why waste it on doing the same thing everyday!

So today, I challenge you to do one out of routine thing this week and then evaluate how it made you feel and maybe consider doing it more often. I think we will all find ourselves going a little less mad and find a little more happiness.

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