There are many great benefits to Pilates, to name just a few:

  • Improved Flexibility & Posture
  • Increased muscle strength and tone
    • particularly of your core muscles of your body: abs, lower back, hips and butt
  • Relaxation of your shoulders, neck and upper back
  • Enhanced muscular control of your back and limbs

So what’s the difference between Pilates & Yoga?

Some of you may recognize the same benefits from Pilates and Yoga! Well, that’s because the two are actually very similar. The main difference between Pilates and Yoga is that Yoga is used more for increased flexibility of the body as well as flexibility of the joints. Whereas Pilates focuses more on relaxing the muscles that are tense and then strengthening the core muscles of the body.

Which one is better for me?

If you’re looking for a new weight loss routine, studies have shown that both Pilates and Yoga burn about equal amounts of calories. So it’s really up to you on whether or not you want to dive in quick or go slow. Yoga is the slower option and Pilates is generally the more fast-paced option and both have both mat-based practices and equipment-based practices.

If you’re looking for muscle strengthening exercises, then I would side more with Pilates as it focuses on relaxing the muscles that are tense and provides strength to all the core muscles of the body. Now, Yoga can also be great for core strength and balance, but it is definitely more emphasized in Pilates. Pilates MAIN focus would be core strength and stability, for instance, helping with back problems if you play a rigorous sport that requires strong core muscles, Pilates would be most beneficial for you.

Yoga likes to use your own body weight as the resistance factor because there main focus is improving balance, flexibility and mind-body connection. Yoga is also more on the spiritual side, connecting to your Chakras and your different energies as well as keeping intact with your breathing. So if you’re seeking increased flexibility, fluidity of the muscles and joints, increased balance with a touch of the slow-flow spiritual, then Yoga is the way to go.

In the end, it really depends more on what you’re looking for in a workout. Is your end goal to gain increased flexibility and to experience mind-body connection or more fluidity of the joints? If yes, then I would start practicing Yoga. But if your end goal is more to do with gaining strength of the core muscles of your body and having more stability and reduced tension in your muscles, I would definitely give Pilates a shot.

Either way both are great and have many benefits to them so if you choose to add either to your daily workout routines you will see great returns!

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