What is a vision board and why should you have one?

A vision board is something that you can use to pin up all your wants and desires that your little heart can think up! It’s something to remind you of what you are working towards or what you’re grateful of. It’s a physical/digital reminder that has the purpose of motivating you, even on the hardest of days.

A vision board is meant to be inspiring, so don’t put any negative connotations on there. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, you wouldn’t want to “motivate” yourself by putting the worst picture of yourself up there. You would want to post a picture of yourself when you feel you were your most healthiest and if you don’t have one, go through some magazines and find someone with similar features and the goal body you want and use that one. This can be applied to all aspects of whatever you post onto your vision board. The goal is to uplift and build up your confidence, not to tear yourself down or be reminded of any failures.

Another quick tip before you get to work. A vision board is not limited by fears or what ifs or the word “impossible”. A vision board is to put any single thing that you desire and know you can get if you just worked hard enough. So don’t dull it down by your “reality” of things, because anything can be accomplished if you work for it. If you change the way you think, it will change your beliefs and in turn, it will change your reality.

So let all your heart’s desires come out with your vision board and start manifesting everything you want in your life!

How to make your own vision board!

So now let’s get into the good stuff! How to make your own vision board!

  1. Determine the main goal or goals that you are creating your vision board for.
  2. Find magazines, clip art, specific images from the internet or Pinterest that you can contribute to your vision board that goes towards your end goal.
  3. The tedious task of actually cutting out said images.
    1. I’ve found that making the vision board in collage form is more beneficial than square cut pictures, yes it takes more time on the cutting but it will totally be worth it!
  4. Start arranging your pictures on your board and get a feel for how you want the layout to be like.
  5. Take a quick picture of how your board looks like once you’ve added all your images so you have something to reference if they move out of place.
  6. Now, find a glue stick, some double-sided tape or even some Mod Podge glue and start sticking them down! Stick them down with some purpose! You don’t want anything falling off!
  7. BONUS: I like to throw some glitter on top of mine as the finishing touch
  8. Now hang that bad boy up where you will see it EVERY. DAMN. DAY! To remind yourself of what you’re working for and to keep you motivated and inspired!


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