Headstrong ASF

It’s sad that I even have to say this, but I am no one’s puppet and the fact that they’re people out there that truly believe in their ability to control me with strings… Pathetic. I will not let fear or anger take over my life. If anyone has seen the new show, “Inventing Anna Delvey” from Netflix, you would have heard when the trainer talked about choosing to be your own protagonist in your own story. Anger and fear only make you become the antagonist in someone else’s story. SO TRUE! Why waste your life being apart of someone else’s schemes, drama and bullshit.

For those of you that come to my page and do not know me personally. I am a very strong personality. I bend nor break for no one but myself. I am focused, goal-oriented, studious, hard working and forever growing and expanding my knowledge. As we all know already, terrible, terrible shit happens on the daily. It’s up to you if you’re going to feed into it and become the antagonist, driven by rage, fear, anger, depression in someone else’s story OR if you’re going to keep going, focusing on yourself, your goals, your life and be your own story’s protagonist.

I don’t know if people truly realize that on the psychological level of not giving a fuck, you can, in turn, create the best version of reality for yourself. Things only matter if you let them matter. You can simply choose to not give that issue the energy it requires to implode your life and just keep moving forward. On to the next big thing.

Don’t ever underestimate the power you have in your own mind. My life is my life. My life can have several different people come in and out of it and for every person I interact with their experience is entirely different then my own. Don’t let the people around you drag you down from your high. Surrounded by the same bullshit day in and day out but still living a completely different life because of how I choose to let it, or rather, not let it, affect me.

2022 is a year for no other person but yourself. Growth is so weird. Your mind changes, your perceptions, your emotions. Things that used to matter to me seem so trivial now. People I used to cherish with my soul, even when they hurt me repeatedly, those are just more strangers on the street passing me by now. Fuck anyone who doesn’t add to my growth. If you’re not coming up with me, don’t expect me to wait around for you to figure it out, you’re getting left behind.

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