I can’t believe it’s already December! The final month of 2022… I’m in awe. Looking back on all my pictures, I see a different version of myself every month throughout the year. Each month after the next, having overcome whatever hard times, difficult lessons or unexpected experiences, that were thrown my way. All over a span of 12 months.

Last 12 Months

It was this month last year that I vowed to make 2022 my year! Take back what’s mine and get my life on track! One of the main reasons I love to write is to look back on where my mind was back then. It really opens my eyes to realize how much I’ve changed from the girl writing in those journals. To the woman I am evolving into daily.

I also enjoy looking back to see what my goals were at the time and if and when I had accomplished them yet. I was surprised to look back on last years entries and discover that I’d accomplished a lot of what I said I would. Things that I just scribbled down when the idea came to me! Then pages of scribbles on how I was going to get myself across the finish line. I go through my manic check-lists and notes and I realize that I’m doing pretty good.

No matter what my obstacle was, each month I conquered it. I learned from it and I grew from it. This year was no straight-line but it was a wild one and I’m thankful for everything that has happened during it. I have lots of great memories from these last 12 months, new friendships and old ones rekindled. New travels and memories and so many new experiences! It was a lot of ups and downs but I made it! I made it to the end, having kept my integrity of my word. Accomplishing all that I said I would.

Next 12 Months

Now we are onset to enter 2023 in just a few weeks. I am already in the mindset of planning and preparing to kick ass next year! I feel a tremor of excitement as I sit down to write all my future plans. Knowing that I’ve accomplished most of what I said I would last year. Knowing that I will accomplish all of what I set in motion for this year.

This new year I will enter into the colorful age of 25. Back when I was 8 and dreaming of being a writer. I pictured a very different life for myself by this time. But life threw all these unexpected twists and turns on my path and has redirected me to where I am now.

The point: Life changes day-by-day, different versions of yourself will immerse and flourish. Then when it’s time to move on, a new version is planted and sprouts and has its time in the sun. Each seasoned version teaching you a new life lesson, giving your more insight and meaning to life. Each version overcoming a struggle to grow more into the person you were always meant to be. Building the relationships that will help you reach into the next level of your life.

I know this year will bring 12 new months of new challenges. New lessons, new wisdom, new struggles and new successes. Each of the coming months I will slowly evolve more into myself as I overcome and conquer whatever is thrown at me. And do you know why? Because I refuse to ever become a victim to the circumstances of this world.

Life has so much more meaning than what’s happening on social media or staying at a job or place that you truly hate. Life is about the moments, the relationships you build, the experiences you have. It’s about seeing the beauty around you and being in shock of how it all exists. Life isn’t forever, so I will not be wasting time on the trivial. I know what matters to me and I plan to dedicate my life to that.

In, Conclusion

In conclusion, resolution time is on the rise. As we end 2022 and enter into 2023 I challenge you to take some time to reflect and write down your goals. Think about what you want to accomplish, where you want to be and who with and WRITE IT DOWN. Then we will each live one day at a time, slowly evolving into the person who will accomplish every single goal written. Our minds are more powerful than you think, and it’s up to you on what you set your mind to. It’s up to you, to achieve whatever you want to get out of life.

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