Is 25 A Milestone?

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Personally, I believe that whatever birthday you feel is special can be considered a milestone. However, the 25th birthday is considered a milestone for most as it marks you at a quarter of a century old. Plus, the ever-growing fear of reaching your 30s starts to persist a little more. Additionally, some may even experience a small nagging voice that sounds like their own, but as an 8-year-old child who once said “At 25, I’m going to be married with a house and kids”. When in reality I am now 25, single, and living with my best friend, still traveling my path toward finding my own version of success. So, yeah… I would consider 25 to be a milestone age.

My 25th Milestone

My Silver Birthday has been the only birthday I’ve really celebrated. Generally, I don’t celebrate my birthday with more than dinner. But this year I had a whole celebration week and it was pretty great! There were a lot of factors in this year being one to celebrate more than the rest.

Moving On

For one, I was preparing to move out of Jacksonville! Which has been a dream of mine since I was a girl! Me and Gabs both left Jax and made it out to Daytona Beach! 10 minutes from the beach, an amazing new apartment with a lake view, and just good vibes all around!

Forever 25

I also felt this birthday was very important because Manny is forever 25. I know he wouldn’t want me to sulk and be sad and he would only ever want me to live a life worth living. Because that’s how I would feel if things were swapped. So I celebrated the hell out of my birthday for me and Manny and I will continue to do so every year.

My Time

Lastly, I just have this strong, deep-rooted feeling that this move, this age, and this time in my life is going to bring on new and exciting experiences and adventures! It’s already been a week living in Daytona Beach and I’ve already secured my dream job as a Writer! Working hard on Forever Aesthetic Parties and working hard on my own personal writing ventures, this year is THE Year.

Things I’ve Realized

As I turn 25 I still feel as if I were only 18 but I have a higher sense of accomplishment. I know I’ve achieved so much already and I know I am on the right path in life. I stop regularly to remind myself of everything I’ve carried out to make sure I enjoy the moment in the here and now, rather than always skipping the small period of celebration before moving on to my next goal. I’ve realized that even though I haven’t achieved everything just yet, it’s all on its way to me right now. I just have to keep moving forward on my path chosen and it will be a stupendous fucking life, that is 100% fact.

Advice For A 25 Year Old

Advice that I’ve been implementing for myself as a 25-year-old single woman, is to live in the moment. Live presently, enjoy the moment, inhale the joy, the adventure, the experience, and exhale all the fear, the stress, and worry. Everything will work out just as it is supposed to, as long as you stay motivated and always keep going. If you never stop trying, you will never truly fail, no matter how many times you fall down.

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  1. Not me excited for 25 right now!

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    Barbara Romero

    Love this!! You are amazing and love you to infinity ❤️

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