Hey youuuu! Just a heads up, you’re in for a wild adventure. This platform is exclusively dedicated to exploring the many thoughts and ideas that come across my beautiful and outrageous mind. Enjoyyyy!

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  • Months
    I can’t believe it’s already December! The final month of 2022… I’m in awe. Looking back on all my pictures, I see a … Continue reading Months
  • Solitary
    I never knew how hard it would be to find a word that describes living and being on your own without it having … Continue reading Solitary
  • Becoming.
    Becoming the me that’s really me.

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About Me

Just a 20-something year old figuring out her life and attempting to impart some type of wisdom to those around her along the way. If you don’t know by now, my name is Selina, and this platform is just a form of creativity for me to express and expand upon the many wild thoughts and ideas that run through my head on a daily basis. I have always shared a love for writing and if even one person reads my posts then I consider myself a success. There are no ulterior motives with this blog other than just a positive way to express myself and the struggles and successes I experience throughout my life. I hope you enjoy the mind of Selina!

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. I love this selina , this is Awesome advice

  2. This is such an amazing and informational blog! These habits help me to be positive everyday!

    1. Ahh thank you so much! I’m so glad you found some value in my blog! 🤍

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