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Let’s get the basics out of the way… Here’s a little bit about me!

About me

Hello my dear, sweet reader. My name is Selina and I’m 24 years young. I graduated from UNF with my Bachelor’s in Cyberpsychology. However, don’t let the name intimidate you. I was a senior and failing and had to create my own major to graduate or risk starting over. I’m a single pringle out in this big vast world, on my own and living free! Extremely excited for the year of 2022, a year a personal growth, expanding my mind and being fully independent. Let me tell you, it’s a RUSH!

I don’t want to get down into the nitty gritty of my childhood traumas or uniquely founded family. However, I will say that 2021 was by far the hardest year of my life to date. I lost my oldest brother to a tragic and extremely unexpected motorcycle accident. He died just months before his first child was born. During this time of dealing with my bereaved family, a lot of us went our separate ways. Some for good and others only temporarily. It was a year of eye-opening and a year of seeing the world differently. Savoring the good moments and appreciating the growth from the bad moments. It was a year of dealing with the loss of the person I never had imagined losing. A year of finding my way back to normalcy.

I know….. that was kind of a VK (Vibe Killer). That’s honestly just life. No need for the awkward silence. I don’t know what I would say to anyone who would spill that info to me either. **Insert nervous sweating emoji** What’s life without a little dark humor on the side? Anywaysssss, that’s enough about me and my trauma. Furthermore, I’m writing to you adorable little readers to share the infatuating, and mind boggling (at least in my opinion) ideas that run through my head. Things about life, death, relationships, books, shows, everyday experiences that I find memorable. Or just altogether shocking and batshit crazy.

In Conclusion

There is no real theme to this blog other than to just go with the flow and making the best of everything that gets thrown at us. A friend once told me that she thinks the world is just a simulation. So when something goes wrong, think of it as a glitch and move on. Your boyfriend of 3 years cheated on you? Great, you’re a free woman, go out and own that shit. You lost your job that you know you’ve always hated. Awesome, go out there and take a chance on something you’re passionate about. Moved to a new place and don’t have any friends? Then take this time to get to know yourself!

Those that matter will always be there for you. Nothing is ever easy and people fight and make mistakes and hurt each other. That doesn’t mean your life is meaningless and terrible or that you’re a failure. That’s called life and I for one am so down for the adventure. The ups and the downs and ready to see what the fuck this world has in store for me and just how I plan to conquer it and make it my bitch.

So that’s enough about me! Enjoy my thoughts, my perspective, my outrageous ideas. Use them to your advantage to open your eyes on what is life and let’s rediscover our true inner selves and stop being the victim of the world. We must choose what we want in life! For me I choose to make life a once in a lifetime experience. Every. Damn. Day.

Cheers to us!

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