A SoulMate

This post is dedicated to my beautiful stepmother, who started out as a stranger and ended up becoming more than I could ever ask for, a soulmate. Our first encounter happened just about 10 years ago now and never would I have imagined our relationship to evolve to what it is today. I am soContinue reading “A SoulMate”

A Calm Mind Has Great Energy

I recently just made my blog a twitter page (link below), and this quote came up on my feed and it really stuck with me. “A calm mind has great energy”. There is just so much truth behind it, a calm mind has great energy. In other words, a mind that processes before responding, aContinue reading “A Calm Mind Has Great Energy”

Where I’ve Been Lately

Since I’ve been on hiatus, I felt it necessary to give you all a little update on what’s been happening in my life before fully diving back into the blogging world. My Work Last you all heard I was on my way to becoming a teacher, that is no longer the case anymore. Unfortunately IContinue reading “Where I’ve Been Lately”


As someone who is young and slightly dumb, I have had my fair share of paying off debt. I can definitely say I’ve kept up with the trend of “treat yourself”, but it’s time we put an end to such toxic trends and take responsibility for our actions. We cannot expect to have no consequencesContinue reading “5 TIPS ON PAYING OFF YOUR DEBT”


If you are obsessed with plants, like myself, then you might be in search of some easy, low-maintenance plants that you can add to your collection! Here are 14 of the easiest plants to have in your home. Let’s start with the 7 that I have myself! My 7 Easy Care Indoor Plants Bromeliads ThisContinue reading “TOP 14 EASY CARE INDOOR PLANTS”


There are many great benefits to Pilates, to name just a few: Improved Flexibility & Posture Increased muscle strength and tone particularly of your core muscles of your body: abs, lower back, hips and butt Relaxation of your shoulders, neck and upper back Enhanced muscular control of your back and limbs So what’s the differenceContinue reading “BENEFITS OF PILATES”


What is a vision board and why should you have one? A vision board is something that you can use to pin up all your wants and desires that your little heart can think up! It’s something to remind you of what you are working towards or what you’re grateful of. It’s a physical/digital reminderContinue reading “VISION BOARDS”