• Is 25 A Milestone?
    Personally, I believe that whatever birthday you feel is special can be considered a milestone. However, the 25th birthday is considered a milestone […]
  • A Summary Of Shared Moments
    Is there ever a time when you’ve wondered about the importance of shared moments? Whether it be with a friend, a family member, […]
  • The Power Of A Hug
    Have you ever noticed that when you receive a hug from the right person it can literally turn your entire day around? Ever […]
  • Your 2023 BluePrint
    This year I plan to accomplish a lot, even more than I accomplished last year. So I made sure to pay close attention […]
  • Months
    I can’t believe it’s already December! The final month of 2022… I’m in awe. Looking back on all my pictures, I see a […]
  • Solitary
    I never knew how hard it would be to find a word that describes living and being on your own without it having […]
  • Becoming.
    Becoming the me that’s really me.
  • The Aftermath.
    Hello again! I’ve been MIA for a little bit, so here’s the update. I’ve been feeling at a loss for words lately. So […]
  • Peace of Mind
    There comes a point in life where you must choose peace of mind over anything else. No matter what is at stake, what […]
  • Living on Purpose
    I am and have been in a weird mood this week. Angry for no reason it seems and trying to ensure I don’t […]
  • Summer Time ‘Gladness’
    Hey all my lovelies, just a little update. I am officially done with my corporate life, back into the food and hospitality, but […]
    I was cruising around while working my second job as a party stylist and I noticed this sticker on the car in front […]
    Guys… I feel I am entering a new chapter in life. I put in my 2 week notice at my corporate job today […]
  • Quarter Life Crisis
    I’m sure you have all heard of a mid-life crisis, but what about a quarter-life crisis? It may be an uncommon term but […]
    This week… Has been outstanding. My heart hasn’t been this happy in quite some time. I visited my mom and practice my roller-skating […]
    Sooo I just quit my second job. I asked for a schedule change so I wouldn’t have to work every single weekend, since […]
    Just logging in to give you a mini update on life. I went on my amazing girls trip to the Keys, pictures will […]
  • Headstrong ASF
    It’s sad that I even have to say this, but I am no one’s puppet and the fact that they’re people out there […]
  • Unbothered
    I am so thankful that I have somewhere to go and someone to distract me and help me to forget all the pain […]
    This week started out ROUGH and it’s made me realize that I have a long, long way to go on my mental healing […]
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T
    It’s not the fact that I’ve been secluded since I moved to my own place, although that is a key factor, not gonna […]
    Whenever I am by myself and just sitting with my personality and my problems and really picking everything apart, I feel like I […]
    Have you ever heard the saying that you don’t really know what you have until it’s gone? I feel like I’ve got a […]
  • A SoulMate
    This post is dedicated to my beautiful stepmother, who started out as a stranger and ended up becoming more than I could ever […]
  • Be Happy.
    As I slowly inch myself into reading daily again, I came across a quote, “You won’t be happy unless you decide to be”. […]
  • A Calm Mind Has Great Energy
    I recently just made my blog a twitter page (link below), and this quote came up on my feed and it really stuck […]
  • Where I’ve Been Lately
    Since I’ve been on hiatus, I felt it necessary to give you all a little update on what’s been happening in my life […]
    As someone who is young and slightly dumb, I have had my fair share of paying off debt. I can definitely say I’ve […]
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