For some reason a lot of people find it appropriate to broadcast their every thought on their social media for all to see. I’m sorry if you feel that you may be one of those people but here’s a few reasons as to why you may want to second-guess doing this in the future.

When you broadcast your every thought with no type of filter, it may come back to bite you. Imagine if you’re having an exceptionally bad day and you just pick up your phone and type the first thought that comes to mind and post it onto your social media. This thought was an instant reaction to your surroundings, it may be unfiltered and it may be directed towards another person or group and even offend some of your social media friends. As a result you begin to receive negative comments on your post and arguments breaking out, which is only going to lead to more negativity.

It’s vital that when we are in some type of negative mood that we stop to think first before we do. We stop to think FIRST before we speak! Always stop FIRST and THINK. Ask yourself, will this help solve my problem? Will this bring about positive energy? Will this change anything? When you ask yourself these simple questions, you may rethink posting your first thought that comes to mind for all to see.

Another reason why it’s not the best idea to broadcast your every thought, is that you may feel heated in the moment but once you cool off you will probably feel differently. But it won’t matter, because you already posted your first irrational thought/emotion onto the internet for all to see. You can take it down but several of your friends could have already seen and even screenshotted your post. Now you’re just left with the shame of having posted it in the first place.

Lastly, most of the time when an irrational post is made it generally has to do with some sort of personal drama. I’m not sure why people feel the need to share their personal drama with the internet, I’ve never really understood that. But when you let people peak into the windows of your life you’re opening yourself up to toxic energy. People on the outside who don’t need to be involved in your personal life now have this irrational post to justify their opinions on not only you but your family as well. Don’t give people any type of reason to judge you or your life decisions based on a spur of the moment thought/emotion that you never should have posted in the first place. It only opens you up to more drama which leads to more negativity.

So, next time you are in a heated moment, STOP and THINK before you post! Stop broadcasting your every thought on social media/internet and close the door to negativity. When you use your social media for good and only post what you want the world to know (the good stuff) then you will discover a new way to put an end to drama and negativity and open yourself up to new and better things! The only control we have in this life is how we react to our surroundings, so make sure you stay in control.


I for one always love to fill up my entire to-do lists and then I began to feel crazed as I start to make my way down them. I’ve realized that I shouldn’t be overloading myself with tasks that don’t all have to be done in the same day! I’ve started making my lists for the week, rather than for the day and that has helped a lot .

It’s vital that we leave some time for ourselves to relax and regenerate. We don’t need to complete absolutely everything on our to-do lists each day so it’s important that we leave some white space on them. It’s almost impossible to always get everything done when you never leave time for yourself in the process, you will start to feel stressed, high-strung and tense because you never give yourself a break!

So spread out those to do lists, prioritize them: most important first to least important last. Spread them out to a week instead of just a day and always leave some free time or white space to relax and give yourself a break! You’ll find yourself feeling more accomplished and not so stressed which in turn is the more positive outcome for everyone involved.


Have you ever found yourself constantly wishing you were anywhere else but where you actually are? I know that may be a dumb question for some people but it’s a very real issue. We need to focus on where we are in that moment and stop daydreaming on how our lives can be better if we weren’t exactly where we are at that very moment.

Now this can be taken both mentally and literally. Mentally wishing to be somewhere else, perhaps in life. Wishing that you would have accomplished more by this point, wishing you already had your degree, wishing that you are already in the marriage and baby age in life, the list is never ending. Then there are the literal situations. Wishing you were at the beach instead of at your desk. Wishing you were at your favorite human’s house hanging with them or even wishing you were in your dream state living it up.

Regardless if you are wishing to be somewhere else mentally or literally, this habit can become severely toxic. It makes us not appreciate the moment we are in and leaves always longing to be somewhere else that we think will make us happier. In reality, we could be exactly where we are wishing to be and even in that moment we catch ourselves still wishing to be somewhere else. It’s an endless cycle. We can’t rush through things or cheat the system in life. We all have to work for a living and we all have to put in effort to finish the things we started, even though it may be difficult at times, it’s apart of life.

So, stop wishing you were somewhere else. Appreciate the moment you are in, RIGHT NOW, because you will never have that moment again. Appreciate the people you are surrounded by because you can never recreate those exact great memories, no matter how hard you try, it will never be the same. Appreciate where you are both mentally and physically because we are all exactly where we are supposed to be in this given moment.


A topic I love to discuss. We all need to find peace in minding our own business! Pretty much another piece on stopping the gossip. I know for me as a woman it’s hard to avoid ALL gossip period. There’s always something happening that I find myself having an opinion on, it’s human nature. It’s when it gets to the point of it making you angry that you know you’ve gone toxic.

When something doesn’t concern you in any shape or form yet you find yourself having several harsh opinions on the matter, maybe you should question yourself and your morals for a hot minute. When you find yourself in this predicament, some good questions to stop and ask yourself are:

  1. How would I feel if I found out my personal business was being spread like a wildfire?
  2. How would I feel if I were in that specific situation?
  3. How would I react if I were in that specific situation?
  4. How does me voicing my opinion help the situation?
  5. Am I the person involved?

These questions can really make you think and can be applied to all situations of “Minding Your Own Business”. If you don’t have any valid answers to those questions then maybe you should just mind your own business and keep it moving. Plus if the topic at hand makes you angry because it may just get under your skin, that would be another reason to keep it moving and mind your own business.

Don’t get caught up in other people’s problems and focus more on you and what you’re doing. The time you spend worrying about what other people are doing can be better spent on things that you should be doing. Maybe you have to write an essay for school, finish a report for work or maybe you have to workout, but instead you are focusing on what someone else is doing. If we can learn focus on ourselves more often imagine how much more in life we could accomplish! So, let’s learn to all mind our own business because it adds absolutely no value to your life, if anything it decreases it.


The worst thing any of us can do in this life is to assume the worst. That is automatically setting you up for negative results, because you’ve already made up your mind about it and are now determined to make your thoughts a reality. Even if we aren’t intentionally trying to make the situation a negative one, when we tell ourselves that “nothing will go right, this day will suck, this is no good”, then our minds will do everything in its power to make sure that that is in fact true by pointing out the negative and then fueling more fire into the flame.

If you go into the day stating that you will have a great day, your mind is determined to see just that. With a positive mindset, every wrong turn taken throughout the day can be rectified, you can put a positive spin to anything if you are truly determined to have a good day. Same thing goes for a negative mindset, you can put a negative spin on anything if you truly believe that you won’t have a good day.

So let’s make it a key point to always hope for the best. Life will throw a lot at us and it’s up to us to determine how we respond to the situation. That is the only real control we have, how we choose to respond. You can either succumb to the negative vibes coming your way and continue to add to them, or you can be the bigger person and save the day by putting your own positive spin to the problems. There is always a brighter side to every negative situation, it’s up to us to determine whether or not we will choose to cross that tunnel to see the goodness in it or stay put and continue to sulk and feel sorry for ourselves.



I personally relate to this topic because it’s something that I have to remind myself of often. This can literally be applied to almost any aspect of your life, work, school, significant other, friend, etc. Don’t ever assume that you “know they know”, because almost every time, they don’t!

We cannot expect others to know what we are thinking, to know what has made us upset and why, or to know what’s wrong in general if we haven’t verbally expressed it to them. No one is a mind reader, we all need to practice healthy communication with our loved ones and realize that once we can master this trait, we can all get back to living a positive and healthy life! Imagine you and your best friend stop talking, you say “I know she knows why I’m mad” while she’s telling everybody she has no clue! Well you shouldn’t get mad at her, even if the reason is obvious, if you haven’t told her yourself the reason you are mad.

When your thoughts about a situation are brought out into the open and can be discussed with the other person involved we begin to lead a more healthy lifestyle. I for one could not live with someone who would get an attitude randomly and then never tell me what they’re upset about. How are we supposed to fix the issue if one party involved has absolutely no idea what the issue is. It’s just a cruel endless cycle that can go on until the relationship has deteriorated completely and nothing ends up getting solved.

So today I remind you that no one here is a mind reader. If you have an issue with some one or some thing, express it VERBALLY and be prepared to discuss the solutions with the other party involved. Talking out our problems instead of being secretly angry over them, for who know’s how long, will lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle and boosted relationships! COMMUNICATION IS KEY!


Where’s the fun in being serious ALL the time? No, this is not a rhetorical question, I can tell you the answer, flat out. IT’S NOT FUN TO BE SERIOUS ALL THE TIME! It’s important that we learn to go with the flow more often. To be serious means you are consistently tense which causes more stress, not only on the body but on the mind as well.

When we learn to laugh at our mistakes we learn to live a little. How do we expect to continuously get angry or upset every time something doesn’t go our way? We all need to laugh it out and keep it moving. Life is like a roller-coaster, full of mistakes, a trial-and-error process. Can you imagine how stressed out that makes life if we can’t learn to laugh at ourselves? During our short journeys here on Earth we should be more focused on the things that make us happy and not on the things that make us stressed.

In order to do that, we need to not be so tense about every difficult situation that crosses our paths. We need to be ready for the hits, ready to roll with the punches, because our journey will not be one straight line. I’m sure we all know this by now, so let’s make it our mission to not get so bothered by difficult encounters. Embrace them and laugh at yourself, make sure that your happiness is always top priority, because what is this life without happiness? What is the purpose of going through the daily motions of life if we can’t learn to laugh and smile, even during the rough times. So remember to laugh at yourself every once in while to take the daily stress of life off of your shoulders and just be happy!


We are all busy during the week so I’ll make this quick! Don’t be the person that feels the need to control absolutely everything that goes on!

Let other people take charge and take some of the stress off of you. Not everything has to be done in a specific way, be open to new ideas of doing things and never be afraid to let others help you in the process.

This can be applied to your daily life whether it be work, school, family or friends. You don’t have to carry out every single aspect of a work assignment by yourself, you don’t have to do the entire school project alone. You don’t have to take care of the kids by yourself when you have a full family support system and you don’t have to take control of your friend outings!

When you learn to let go a little and to go with the flow you will start to realize the amount of unnecessary stress that you’ve been putting on yourself. Learn to let go and to not be so stingy when things don’t go according to plan. I know for a fact that nothing ever goes exactly as it’s supposed to. Not everything has to be done by you, we all have people in our lives who love us and want to help us, so let them!


On my gratitude app it said “Happiness is directly linked to thankfulness! If you want to be happy, be thankful for what you have”.

I adore this quote because of how valid it truly is! If we all start our morning reminding ourselves of how grateful we are we can realize why we wake up early every morning and why we go to work and why we put ourselves through all the hassle and just redefine our life with gratitude.

So I challenge you this morning to take note of everything you are grateful for in your life. Do not take anything for granted and write it all down. You will soon feel a smile widen across your sleepy face and realize just how much you have to be thankful for. The real challenge is to not just do this on this day but to continue doing it every single day, especially on the harder days and see how much of a difference it makes in your life.


One of the best ways to have a positive day is by starting your morning off right!

I suggest waking up a little earlier before you have to head to work and give yourself a little personal YOU time! Wake up earlier to take a walk and watch the sunrise. Wake up earlier to read the book you’ve been trying to finish outside on your porch with some fresh air. Wake up earlier to make yourself a healthy and non-rushed breakfast! Wake up earlier to meditate and gather your thoughts for the day!

There are so many reasons why we should all be waking up a little earlier to appreciate and have gratitude for the day ahead of us. There’s so many possibilities of what you could do to qualify as YOU time. The important thing is that you get up with good intentions that today is THE day and today is going to be amazing!

Whatever you tell yourself becomes your reality because you start believe it. So wake up and give thanks that you opened your eyes this wonderful morning. Wake up and conquer the day ahead of you and make it a great day! Spread love and kindness and positivity and be that infectious happy person that every one needs a dose of in the morning!