Digital Marketing Copywriter

Hey, I’m Selina, a Digital Marketing Copywriter. I research and write unique content for home pages, service, city and attraction pages. I also write blog posts and guest posts for my clients. I produce high quality content that incorporates SEO keywords useful to users and meet deadlines consistently. If you need help optimizing your website or you need help creating original content. Then I’m your woman!

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Cyberpsychology from the University of North Florida. Moreover, I have many years experience writing high-quality content on all different subjects and platforms. I am an expert in all things Microsoft, Google & WordPress and I also have experience in managing social media!

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Service Pages

Pages that I’ve written where I present a service or product offered by brand or company to potential clients.


Attraction Pages

Some pieces that I’ve written on major/big tourist attraction venues and locations.


City Pages

Provided here are pages I’ve written for clients that are optimized for a specific product or service in a specific city or market.



Creative blog pieces that I’ve provided for my clients. A great way to add regularly updated content about any topic on a client’s site.


Guest Posts

Here are some guest posts I’ve done for other company’s websites. Guest posts are a great way to attract traffic back to your own website and boosts domain authority.

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