A SoulMate

This post is dedicated to my beautiful stepmother, who started out as a stranger and ended up becoming more than I could ever ask for, a soulmate. Our first encounter happened just about 10 years ago now and never would I have imagined our relationship to evolve to what it is today. I am soContinue reading “A SoulMate”

A Calm Mind Has Great Energy

I recently just made my blog a twitter page (link below), and this quote came up on my feed and it really stuck with me. “A calm mind has great energy”. There is just so much truth behind it, a calm mind has great energy. In other words, a mind that processes before responding, aContinue reading “A Calm Mind Has Great Energy”

Where I’ve Been Lately

Since I’ve been on hiatus, I felt it necessary to give you all a little update on what’s been happening in my life before fully diving back into the blogging world. My Work Last you all heard I was on my way to becoming a teacher, that is no longer the case anymore. Unfortunately IContinue reading “Where I’ve Been Lately”


A lot of us find comfort in our routines, our daily rituals and our regular ways of doing things. While routines can be extremely useful in life and help you to really accomplish more, it’s important that we learn to break them every once and again. Now, when I say to break your routine, IContinue reading “GETTING OUT OF YOUR ROUTINE”


Have you ever found yourself constantly wishing you were anywhere else but where you actually are? I know that may be a dumb question for some people but it’s a very real issue. We need to focus on where we are in that moment and stop daydreaming on how our lives can be better ifContinue reading “YOUR DAILY PRESCRIPTION OF POSITIVITY: STOP WISHING TO BE SOMEWHERE ELSE”


On my gratitude app it said “Happiness is directly linked to thankfulness! If you want to be happy, be thankful for what you have”. I adore this quote because of how valid it truly is! If we all start our morning reminding ourselves of how grateful we are we can realize why we wake upContinue reading “YOUR DAILY PRESCRIPTION OF POSITIVITY: BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE”

Your Daily Prescription of Positivity: Give Yourself A Break

I know how easy it is to get caught up in the many things we need to accomplish within the span of 24 hours. Whether that be vigorous to-do lists, chores, errands, or even just going to work and completing all that needs to be done there! Life can truly throw so much at usContinue reading “Your Daily Prescription of Positivity: Give Yourself A Break”

Positivity as a Lifestyle

I’ve worked endlessly learning how to evolve my mind to try to realize the bright side in every situation & to comprehend the fact that if you are in control of your mind you are essentially in control of everything that goes on in your life. So many people find it difficult to accept thisContinue reading “Positivity as a Lifestyle”