A SoulMate

This post is dedicated to my beautiful stepmother, who started out as a stranger and ended up becoming more than I could ever ask for, a soulmate.

Our first encounter happened just about 10 years ago now and never would I have imagined our relationship to evolve to what it is today. I am so eternally thankful for your love, your kindness, your compassion, your guidance, your friendship. Even though our journey started off with a lot of ups and downs, God knew exactly what he was doing when he introduced you into my life. He knew I needed you before I could even understand how. He knew that I needed your beautiful, light and airy soul to guide mine through the many trials in life and he knew that we both needed each other to reach the other side of our shared journeys.

The many adventures we have shared together, I treasure always. The advice you bestow upon me is invaluable and the love you fill me up with is undeniably priceless. Being a 20-something year old in this crazy post-COVID world, being on the hunt for my purpose, while searching for my own path and independence, I didn’t even recognize until recently, that God has already sent me my other half almost a decade ago. Living so closely with you this past year has only strengthened our relationship and solidified it even more. Being so close to someone who understands me down to my core and never passes judgment on me, someone who only wants to lift me up and help me find my way and someone who just gets it because they have been where I am. Learning you and your ways and bonding on a level that is so pure and true with no wonder of ulterior motives or judgement being passed. Being able to just truly be ourselves with each other is a true blessing. I finally feel like this world isn’t all bad if there are people like you that exist.

Someone I can go to for absolutely anything and have real and deep conversations with. Someone who vibes with me so flawlessly and undergoes the same type of thought processes as me, someone who sees this life in the same light that I do and who enjoys traveling frequently and laughing often, only striving to live the best version of life we can create for ourselves. Positivity as a Lifestyle is what perfectly describes the both of us. I have grown to see you flourish and change so much into such an amazing person, someone that I aspire to be just like and seeing that you can do it, only inspires me to keep going, even through the worst of times.

I wish you could see YOU through MY eyes, then you would understand just how much I love you and am inspired by you.

You are undeniably the person made for me, my own personal soulmate and I am so happy that we have been chosen to be linked in each other’s journeys. My real lesson from meeting you, is to always trust that God knows what he is doing and to trust the timing. The ones meant for you will arrive right when they are supposed to and change you in ways you didn’t even think possible.

I love you Jameen.

3 Ways to Add Gratitude Into Your Daily Routine

People never take the time to slow down and look at what’s right in front of them anymore. We are living in a world where if you don’t receive instant gratification, it’s not worth it. A world where we are so used to moving and rushing through things for our “future” but in the meantime we forget to look at what’s right in front of us and we find ourselves not being happy because we don’t have what we think we want yet. So here’s a few tips on how I stop myself from living in that endless cycle of unhappiness and remind myself, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

1. Slow Down

Well if we all just took some time to slow down and look at the things and the people we do have in our life and realize that we have all come so far and have already accomplished so much we may be a little more grateful for everything. It’s so common to get caught up in working towards the future, we forget to recognize the little accomplishments that we make along the way. I’m here to remind you to do just that, slow down and appreciate life a little more often. Don’t wait until a tragedy has occurred to look back and recognize all that you had, do yourself a favor and do that now, before it’s too late. If you have been waiting to do something because you’re waiting for the “right time”, well.. That time just doesn’t exist, go out there and do it because no one is promised tomorrow. This is your now and this is your life, make it count by making sure you are putting those that matter first always.

2. Write it Out

I like to participate in the daily activity of writing out what I am grateful for. Every morning before I start my day I get out a pen and paper and I write at least 5 things or people that I am grateful for and why. It’s a great way to start out your day on a positive note. Never take anyone or anything for granted, life has a tendency at changing in just one blink of an eye. Things that you feel entitled too, not everyone has those things. Not everyone can say they woke up warm in a nice bed, with a roof over their head, some people can’t say they woke up to everyone they love still here, some people can’t say they woke up to the great smell of bacon and eggs cooking, some people can’t say they woke up at all that day. It’s the small things that we as the human population tend to forget to be grateful for. So every morning start your day by showing gratitude and reminding yourself of the things you are thankful for instead of focusing on the things you don’t have.

3. Meditate More Often

Meditation isn’t for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be as serious as you see in the movies. It could simply be taking 5 minutes out of your day to close your eyes and think about what brings you happiness and what you are doing that day to continue moving forward on that path. The longest I’ve ever meditated at once was about 15 minutes & I think that was more than long enough, but at the end I was so at peace with myself. Everything that had me high strung and stressed out just disappeared and I had to remind myself why I was doing all this in the first place. Never forget your true meaning and reasoning behind the things you are working towards. It’s so easy to get caught up in the numbers and the social status and the positions and the titles, but those are all just superficial things. When we give ourselves some time to stop and remember why we started doing these things for in the first place, that’s when the true reasons will come back to the surface. Some of us are working so hard to provide for our children, for our families, for ourselves. Meditating for even just the 5 minutes will help you to really put what’s important to you back in perspective. If you are serious about giving this a real shot, I recommend downloading the Headspace app to start you on your journey, you can click the link below to be redirected to their desktop site.

In The End

In the end it’s up to you as an individual on whether or not you will incorporate these few simple tips into your daily life. I know from personal experience that these 3 things are game changers. Imagine starting your day every day being thankful, feeling grateful for all that you have. Nothing can get in your way that day because you are just a radiant soul sharing that light with all those around you! I’m not sure what your agenda is like, but I for one strive towards being a light to others and being a radiant and positive soul in this dark & meaningless society. Don’t become complacent with the world around you, take charge of YOUR life and make it count!