A topic I love to discuss. We all need to find peace in minding our own business! Pretty much another piece on stopping the gossip. I know for me as a woman it’s hard to avoid ALL gossip period. There’s always something happening that I find myself having an opinion on, it’s human nature. It’s when it gets to the point of it making you angry that you know you’ve gone toxic.

When something doesn’t concern you in any shape or form yet you find yourself having several harsh opinions on the matter, maybe you should question yourself and your morals for a hot minute. When you find yourself in this predicament, some good questions to stop and ask yourself are:

  1. How would I feel if I found out my personal business was being spread like a wildfire?
  2. How would I feel if I were in that specific situation?
  3. How would I react if I were in that specific situation?
  4. How does me voicing my opinion help the situation?
  5. Am I the person involved?

These questions can really make you think and can be applied to all situations of “Minding Your Own Business”. If you don’t have any valid answers to those questions then maybe you should just mind your own business and keep it moving. Plus if the topic at hand makes you angry because it may just get under your skin, that would be another reason to keep it moving and mind your own business.

Don’t get caught up in other people’s problems and focus more on you and what you’re doing. The time you spend worrying about what other people are doing can be better spent on things that you should be doing. Maybe you have to write an essay for school, finish a report for work or maybe you have to workout, but instead you are focusing on what someone else is doing. If we can learn focus on ourselves more often imagine how much more in life we could accomplish! So, let’s learn to all mind our own business because it adds absolutely no value to your life, if anything it decreases it.