A SoulMate

This post is dedicated to my beautiful stepmother, who started out as a stranger and ended up becoming more than I could ever ask for, a soulmate.

Our first encounter happened just about 10 years ago now and never would I have imagined our relationship to evolve to what it is today. I am so eternally thankful for your love, your kindness, your compassion, your guidance, your friendship. Even though our journey started off with a lot of ups and downs, God knew exactly what he was doing when he introduced you into my life. He knew I needed you before I could even understand how. He knew that I needed your beautiful, light and airy soul to guide mine through the many trials in life and he knew that we both needed each other to reach the other side of our shared journeys.

The many adventures we have shared together, I treasure always. The advice you bestow upon me is invaluable and the love you fill me up with is undeniably priceless. Being a 20-something year old in this crazy post-COVID world, being on the hunt for my purpose, while searching for my own path and independence, I didn’t even recognize until recently, that God has already sent me my other half almost a decade ago. Living so closely with you this past year has only strengthened our relationship and solidified it even more. Being so close to someone who understands me down to my core and never passes judgment on me, someone who only wants to lift me up and help me find my way and someone who just gets it because they have been where I am. Learning you and your ways and bonding on a level that is so pure and true with no wonder of ulterior motives or judgement being passed. Being able to just truly be ourselves with each other is a true blessing. I finally feel like this world isn’t all bad if there are people like you that exist.

Someone I can go to for absolutely anything and have real and deep conversations with. Someone who vibes with me so flawlessly and undergoes the same type of thought processes as me, someone who sees this life in the same light that I do and who enjoys traveling frequently and laughing often, only striving to live the best version of life we can create for ourselves. Positivity as a Lifestyle is what perfectly describes the both of us. I have grown to see you flourish and change so much into such an amazing person, someone that I aspire to be just like and seeing that you can do it, only inspires me to keep going, even through the worst of times.

I wish you could see YOU through MY eyes, then you would understand just how much I love you and am inspired by you.

You are undeniably the person made for me, my own personal soulmate and I am so happy that we have been chosen to be linked in each other’s journeys. My real lesson from meeting you, is to always trust that God knows what he is doing and to trust the timing. The ones meant for you will arrive right when they are supposed to and change you in ways you didn’t even think possible.

I love you Jameen.

Where I’ve Been Lately

Since I’ve been on hiatus, I felt it necessary to give you all a little update on what’s been happening in my life before fully diving back into the blogging world.

My Work

Last you all heard I was on my way to becoming a teacher, that is no longer the case anymore. Unfortunately I did not qualify to get my Certificate of Eligibility and I’m sorry but, I have no interest in returning to school, that chapter is closed permanently. So on to the next adventure! I am now working for a home mortgage company as a Loan Processor with one of my cousins! It seems to be the perfect fit for me, it gives me so much freedom to still have a life and be involved with my family and I actually love learning about all the processes and the industry itself. I told myself I would stick with this industry for the long run because I am extra tired of the job hunting. But the good thing about this job is that I love it and I can make this into a great career for myself and it still lets me appreciate my inner values of being with my family while still working towards my future goals !

My Family

As you all know, I lost my brother back in January. It has been a roller coaster of emotions, with its fair share of ups and downs. At first the family was all united but somewhere deep down I knew that wouldn’t last long. Some members have gone their separate ways, others I just needed to separate myself from the negativity for a while in order to help myself properly heal. I don’t think it’s selfish to make yourself the priority in your own life, especially when it comes to dealing with the grief of a close immediate family member. All I can do now is pray for them and love them from afar.

I’ve been on my own path, surrounding myself with like-minded people. Focusing on my goals and making sure that I appreciate every moment given to me. I make sure I’m extremely involved in my family and that I am creating memories with each and every person. Because honestly, the only thing that’s left behind when you’re gone, the memories you’ve shared and the love that was given.

My Current State of Mind

I’ve just been focusing on the here and now. I think of my brother literally all the time and I make sure I do my best to keep his memory alive. I’m making a scrapbook of him that’s very in detail of all our memories that we shared together. I spend pretty much all of my time with Maelyn and make sure she and Madison know they are loved and supported. I live life as if it were my last day, I have more sleepovers with my friends/family. I go to watch the sunrise at least once a month, I plan spontaneous trips to travel and to experience new things and I always tell my people that I love them. I also started CrossFit because I’m tired of waiting “to start tomorrow”, I want to be happy with myself both physically and mentally and it has been a great experience so far and I feel so much stronger and happier with myself.

Manny has truly taught me the meaning of “life is too short”, you hear it all the time and still believe that you are the exception. But no one is safe from time, it keeps going even when you don’t. So I try my best to enjoy all the little things and all the people who support and love me, the people that create my own personal safe haven from all the drama and distress in today’s world. I always do what I think is right in my heart and I always do what’s best for my mental health and well-being in the end. My motives are always aiming towards a more positive life, no drama just love and peace. I’m exactly the person I believe myself to be and I will keep being that person.

My Plans and The Blog

So my current plans for my future, which change often, are as follows. I plan to grow within my company and become a Loan Officer, something that’s already been in the works training wise and I’m so lucky to be in a company that believes in me and wants to see my succeed. I plan to continue being extremely involved with all my family members and I plan to continue furthering my knowledge by reading books and going to church and just experiencing things in life and truly living, not just letting time pass. I plan to keep going strong and make the vision that I have for myself and my family a reality. Whatever it takes.

This post is my official reactivation of the blog. I plan to only post weekly, because daily ended up feeling like a chore. Although the main focus of my blog is positivity I plan to incorporate more of my life and personal experiences into it, in hopes that I can make it more personable and relatable. I plan to stay consistent now that I am better adjusted to my new life and the new family additions and losses and I hope I can make a difference in someone’s life by speaking from the heart always.


How to Figure Out Your Passion in Life

My Personal Experiences

So to give you a gist on what I’ve experienced on this topic. My very first job was at Panera Bread, I had never even eaten there before I had the job, at that point I was just looking for some money to pay off my second speeding ticket (my lovely brother paid my first one for me), I was currently a business major. I was there for about 2.5 years and at 2 different locations. I then moved on to Landstar, a transportation and logistics company while I was in college and that is where I changed my major to computer science. I was there for almost 3 years before I quit and never looked back. I then moved on to social selling and graduated with a psychology degree and now I’m a blogger and a substitute…

As you can see I have been all over the place both school wise and career wise. All this proves is that I am not afraid to keep trying new things. Each major and career change were vast in comparison and with each experience I ended up finding a little bit more of myself in the process. A new part of me becomes uncovered and I learn more and more about myself as I continue to grow and venture out to new adventures.

Being Open to New Experiences

So my first tip here to you is to be open to new experiences! You don’t want to wake up in 20 years and regret NOT doing something. Don’t live your life with “what ifs”, just go out there and take that chance, especially if it’s being handed to you as if it were a sign for you to try it out. I always say, if it scares you, then it might just be worth doing. Anything new and exciting is scary at first, you may think you’re not good enough, you don’t have the qualifications, but if the opportunity presents itself, who are you to turn it down by being your own worst critic? Do not end up complacent in your life! Or in other words, do not be stagnant, never moving forward or backward, just staying exactly where you are, forever. I personally don’t think that sounds very appealing and I’m sure a lot of you lovelies are thinking the same thing. We all want to have the sense of higher purpose in life, the sense that we are working towards something greater in the outcome, but to get there you have to get out of your comfort zone and grow and be open to the new experiences that come your way.

A Few Tips on How to Open Yourself Up to New Opportunities

Alright so here are a few tips that I’ve used to open myself up to new opportunities that have crossed my path during my life.

Tip 1: Do not hold yourself back with imposter syndrome!

For those of you who may not know what imposter syndrome is, it is the feeling of not belonging, the feeling of “so many other people are doing this already, why would anyone want to listen to what I have to say?”, which is a very negative view of things. This is just a natural self-defense mechanism that protects you when you feel scared of trying something new. If we can eradicate fear within ourselves, about ourselves, then we would have no self doubt in our abilities and simply go for that opportunity!

Tip 2: Realize that you will be starting at the bottom

For some reason, we all think of all the luxurious things we can have and do when we make it to the top, and then tend to get bummed out when we realize we have to start at the bottom first. Starting at the bottom is not an easy task, especially if you are switching career paths at an esteemed age where you have already had many accomplishments, we all must start from square one in anything we do. My tip is, do not let that discourage you! If anything, you should be walking around feeling like a bad ass because very little people will take that leap of faith in themselves and switch their career paths when they are unhappy. Many people think they may be “too old” or, that it’s “too late” for them to start something new. Well guess what, life is short, and you should not have to sit around in a situation that makes you less grateful for your life. Do something about it and make that change! Pay your dues and be proud that you have the courage and confidence to do so!

Tip 3: List all your favorite things you like to do in life

By taking down a list of all your favorite things to do in life and then relating them to different career paths you could take, you are creating a new path for yourself by zoning down on how many different directions you can really go in life. For example: Me, I love organizing, planning, being around children, being positive and sharing what I learn on how to be positive, being social and a light to others and cleaning. If you relate each of those things that I love to a career path you would have several different outlets of opportunities just waiting for you!

Do Not Be Afraid to Fail

Lastly, do not be afraid to fail! There is no success without failure, and to me failing means you are doing and you are learning from those mistakes, in other words, you are living. If it ends up that the new career path isn’t what you expected, do not see that as a failure. You tried it out and you gave it your all (I’m assuming) and it just turned out that it wasn’t for you, that is fine! Because in all reality, most people don’t even try, and in that fact alone, you are already a success.

Failure holds us all back in various different aspects and even just the fear of failure itself. Everyone fails in their life at some point or another. But we must remember, that life is all just trial and error and as long as you are learning something new along the way you should always view that as a win. Every experience is a new learning journey, you will learn more about yourself by trying different things in this short life and you will only be one step closer to reaching your full potential after each and every attempt. You never know what’s in your future and you could be on the path to finding your true purpose right now. So make sure you don’t have the door slammed in it’s face and BE OPEN AND ACCEPT IT!