Positivity as a Lifestyle

I’ve worked endlessly learning how to evolve my mind to try to realize the bright side in every situation & to comprehend the fact that if you are in control of your mind you are essentially in control of everything that goes on in your life. So many people find it difficult to accept this small piece of knowledge because they wonder how that could possibly be true.

Well, being “in control” of your life does not mean you control what happens to you and when or where, it simply means that you have the control in HOW you react to every situation that occurs in your life. You can either choose to react in a negative manner, blowing up in a rage and doing or saying things that will not benefit you in your future and only cause more damage & harm. Or you can choose to react in a positive manner, by slowing down and taking a few deep breaths, thinking about how you will respond and then proceeding to the action, after it has been well thought out, leading to an overall more positive result.

Of course this skill does not develop overnight, this takes lots of trial and error & self-discipline to master and even then you will still find yourself slipping up every now and then. But the important thing is noticing when you are slipping up and correcting the mistake. I for one have put this into practice and have found myself being happier and overall more positive because why worry or anger yourself over something that you can not control? We all need to realize and focus on the parts of our lives that we can control and find peace and happiness in that alone.

I can’t remember how many times I heard something that messed up my plans in some sort of way and I instantly just exploded with anger. I felt the world was against me but now I realize that if I had just taken some time to slow down and think over the news, I would have been able to realize there were several positives to come out of the situation as well. It always depends on how you choose to look at things. Of course you can always point out every negative detail in the situation and just sit in your own little angry bubble but honestly, who is that really helping? It’s not helping the other party and it definitely is not helping you. If you can just sit down and work your hardest to find the “bright side” in every predicament you find yourself in you will noticeably evolve into a more positive person, just as I have myself. Do not allow things that are outside of your control affect you, that is how you win at life.

Another tip to really live up to the “Positivity as a Lifestyle” motto, always be kind to others. You never know what the other person may be going through, you don’t know their back story, you don’t know what they have on their plate or what kind of news they may have just received. My tip is to always be considerate and never pre-judge someone. If they are being rude to you for what seems like no reason, stop, think and then react with kindness in return, they will appreciate it in the long run and sometimes they may even stop in their tracks and apologize. It’s so simple to just be kind to those around you, to me it seems 10 times harder to hold a grudge with someone and to stay angry, let all of that go, forgive and move on with your life. Nobody is perfect and we are all going through our own personal struggles. I for one don’t ever want to add to the struggles of another human, I would rather be that light they confide in and are thankful for at the end of a long day.

These 2 small tips can literally have such a massive affect on every person in our community, so much that the world could even start to harmonize and find that flow of peace and happiness amongst themselves. A world with less drama, with less fighting, less arguing and less negativity would be such a wonderful place. I always strive to be an all around radiant soul, a light to others, don’t be the person that strives to be the opposite. I challenge you to complement one person every day, whether it be superficial, such as complementing their outfit, their hair or more genuine, complementing their personality, their mind. You will feel a deeper sense of happiness just from all the smiles you receive in return. I challenge you to tell everyone in your family you love them for no reason today, tell your friends how much you appreciate them. There shouldn’t have to be a reason to brighten up somebody else’s day, these are the things that humanity forgets. If we can remember to just be kind, positivity as a lifestyle wouldn’t seem so far fetched.

4 Tips To Reinvent Yourself With Positive Affirmations

Helllooo Everybody!!

Today I will be sharing my own personal experience of how setting daily positive affirmations changed my outlook on life. I know, I know, it sounds like a silly idea, writing things down and “speaking them into existence”, as I’ve heard the saying go, but the small act of writing something down and repeating them to yourself on a daily basis, makes all the difference.

Step 1:

In order for this to actually work the daily positive affirmations you choose will have to be written by, YOU! This probably won’t work as well if you take other people’s affirmations and just wrote them down. I mean, if they really do have a positive effect on you then yes, but make sure that the wording choice is something that makes them matter to you, you should make them your own. For instance, if the affirmation that you find is written in a very proper vernacular and you’re more of a casual, easy-going person, like myself, then I suggest rewording the affirmation to better suite your personal needs. The goal of setting these daily positive affirmations is to make sure that they matter to you enough to make them outline true qualities of yourself.

Step 2:

The number of affirmations you choose to write and read aloud is completely up to you. I personally only have a few and if I think of another encouraging affirmation later on, I’ll add it to my list. I believe I only have around ten, but there is nothing wrong with having more than ten. You could write 100 of them, as long as you know they are helping you. Although you should keep in mind that to ensure the validity of this exercise, you should be “speaking them into existence”, meaning to read them aloud at least once a day, hence the daily. I recommend that you keep the list short and to the point. Choose affirmations that appeal solely to you and your personal situations of life, you should choose affirmations that will help make a true difference in your life.

Step 3:

Now the time has come to actually write down your affirmations. However, there are many ways of doing so. I have a personal journal where I write down all my daily positive affirmations and I keep the journal on my nightstand next to my bed, that way every morning when I wake up I open up the journal and “speak into existence”‘ my daily affirmations. It doesn’t have to be a journal, it could be sticky notes that you put on your bathroom mirror or even on a chalkboard that you have or put them on your fridge, the possibilities are endless.

Some people aren’t pen and paper people, if you have an app that you can write them down on and have them alert you every morning (or whatever time of day you desire) and reading them aloud, this will work as well. I also have one of my daily affirmations written as my password for my corporate computer. I have found this to be an inspiring task as well. I’m not sure if it is just me, but I always read (in my head) the password as I am typing it. That way every day when I go into work I am reminded of this affirmation when logging in and out of my computer. Generally the computer requires a new, never used, password every 30 days, so you can always have a new and inspiring affirmation set as your password every month. Of course I recommend that you don’t just write the password in plain format, add some exclamations and numbers to actually make the password a secure one.

Another tip would be to write the affirmations in first person: “I will…”, “I am…” etc. You should be speaking to yourself and lifting yourself up! Who ever said you can’t give compliments to yourself? I for one love this idea and this is how I have chosen to write my own affirmations.

Step 4:

The final step, yes, just four easy steps and you’re done! Now you just have to stick to the practice of reading these affirmations out load on the daily! It is so important that you read them aloud, the more you hear it, the more they have the positive effect on your life. I recommend reading them in the morning, because there is no better way to start your day! But if you’re a night owl or maybe you want to read them on your lunch break, that is fine, as long as they are getting read aloud at some point throughout your day. Make sure not to skip out of reading them aloud if you wake up and you’re in a particularly bad mood, this would be the day that you should read them more than once! Don’t let the dark days gets you down, this is what these affirmations are hear to change, these are supposed to be positive and uplifting, so why not read them more when you’re having a bad day.

The most important thing on your bad days is not to instill the negative thoughts that you may have raging through your head. There is no point in filling your mind with negative thoughts about yourself, this is the time to take out your written positive affirmations and reinforce them to yourself.