Hey lovely soul! I welcome you with a warm heart to the Sassy Selina Lifestyle Blog! I’m Selina and you’ll discover that I’m most passionate about life, growth mindset and positivity as a lifestyle!

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About Me

As you may know already, I’m Selina. I have a pretty unique work history; previous corporate 9-5er, retired beauty influencer turned entrepreneur, full time substitute now home mortgage loan processor. You may think I am all over the place, but I’m honestly just trying to explore what this life has to offer and figuring out where I feel most at home. I graduated UNF in 2020 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Cyberpsychology and you’ll soon realize that I have an intense fascination with growth mindset, organization, healthy attitudes & positivity. This blog is my outlet for the personal brand of mine, ‘Positivity as a Lifestyle’, and my main goal is to spread my abundant romance with love and kindness with anyone who needs some extra light in their life, because when has it ever hurt anyone to be kind?

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