Self Love: What is It & Why is It Important?

We’ve all heard the term “self-love” before, but many of us don’t really know what it means. Some people think it’s just the hashtag used on social media, “Self-care Sundays”, where all you do is a facial and take a long bath to relax after a long stressful week. That can very well be one part of of self love, but that is not at all the full depiction of the true meaning of self love. So what is the true definition of self love and why is it important?? Let’s dive in!

What is Self Love?

Self love means having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. It means taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. That is just a very generic definition but self love can mean something different for every person. If you are taking action to take care of your mind, your body and your soul, that is you protecting your well-being in life. That is you creating a better future for yourself by ensuring that you are healthy on the inside as well as the outside. Some people meditate, some people have weekly or daily reflections, some people take the initiative to consistently workout, read, journal. There are so many different aspects on the question of “what is self love”. The important thing is that you get all the definitions and define it yourself, create your own version of self love and practice it religiously.

Why Self love is so Important

Let’s start with my own personal version of self love. I like to wake up early every morning, workout, eat a healthy breakfast, listen to a podcast episode of my choice, read for 20 minutes minimum, journal and then meditate. I personally have a very vigorous self love routine and this is merely just my morning routine. But I consistently stick to this routine because I have noticed a difference in not only my personality, but my mindset and my health as well! I am very grateful to work for myself and to make my own hours so I do find it easier to make more time for my self love routine and being consistent with it.

Now…. Let’s talk excuses! I know very many people have to actually drive to work, or have children that get up early and they have to help them get ready for school and even if we are working from home, we find ourselves in the same struggle of “not having enough time”. Well, let me snap you out of that terrible habit right now and say the following. If you do not make time for yourself throughout the day, if you do not make it a priority to take 60, 30, 15 or even 10 minutes out of your day, every day, to reflect on what YOU want, to think about YOUR future and to remember what YOU are grateful for, then you will find yourself being stuck in the same endless cycles of life for years and years to come! When you neglect your own well-being to please those around you, you are really only putting a disservice on those people around you, because if you are not reaching your full potential, what makes you think those around you will? You must lead by example and put yourself first!

We all need some time to ourselves, we all have daily stressors and responsibilities, but it is those 1% of people who intentionally make time for themselves to focus on their well-being, that live a full and joyful life and are truly happy. They do not settle for the current circumstances that no longer serve them, they do not wait around for “luck” to change their situation, they do not wish they could do this and that and then make several excuses as to why it’s simply impossible for them to do something. It is NEVER impossible to do something, it is simply your mindset surrounding the thing itself. If you truly believe in the importance of self love and what it can do for your life, you will make time for it. For example, let’s replace the phrase “I don’t have the time for self love” with “I don’t see the value in working towards and accomplishing my dreams for my future”, that just makes you cringe a little bit! If you can read that and still feel fine then I cannot relate, honestly. I find it extremely scary of living the same day on repeat with no hope for my future. We were all put on this Earth for a reason, to express our passions and reach our full potential in life, we were not placed here to merely exist.

Self love is going to make all the difference in your life, when you find an amazing book and apply what you learn, it’s those little changes that will evolve into a huge and life changing difference! When you listen to those little podcast episodes every morning when you are showering or driving to work, it will leave you feeling more motivated, positive and ready to conquer the day. Wouldn’t it be nice to be in control of your life again? That is what self love is! Self love gives you the keys to your life, the power to turn pain into purpose and the power of responding in a constructive way to the hard times in life. Everything and everyone has a purpose in life and it is up to that person if they choose to reach their full potential or not. If they choose to put in the time and dedication to be the person they aspire to be. If they choose to use their talents and put it to good use!

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