I personally relate to this topic because it’s something that I have to remind myself of often. This can literally be applied to almost any aspect of your life, work, school, significant other, friend, etc. Don’t ever assume that you “know they know”, because almost every time, they don’t!

We cannot expect others to know what we are thinking, to know what has made us upset and why, or to know what’s wrong in general if we haven’t verbally expressed it to them. No one is a mind reader, we all need to practice healthy communication with our loved ones and realize that once we can master this trait, we can all get back to living a positive and healthy life! Imagine you and your best friend stop talking, you say “I know she knows why I’m mad” while she’s telling everybody she has no clue! Well you shouldn’t get mad at her, even if the reason is obvious, if you haven’t told her yourself the reason you are mad.

When your thoughts about a situation are brought out into the open and can be discussed with the other person involved we begin to lead a more healthy lifestyle. I for one could not live with someone who would get an attitude randomly and then never tell me what they’re upset about. How are we supposed to fix the issue if one party involved has absolutely no idea what the issue is. It’s just a cruel endless cycle that can go on until the relationship has deteriorated completely and nothing ends up getting solved.

So today I remind you that no one here is a mind reader. If you have an issue with some one or some thing, express it VERBALLY and be prepared to discuss the solutions with the other party involved. Talking out our problems instead of being secretly angry over them, for who know’s how long, will lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle and boosted relationships! COMMUNICATION IS KEY!

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