Now this one is a hard one! Me personally, I’m not into drama, not into starting it and not into hearing about it (too much), but make sure you are never contributing to it! If you can, avoid even spreading it further, that’s where the negativity comes in.

Gossip can come from all ends of the spectrum, family, friends, classmates, employees, the list is never ending. Sometimes it can be super interesting and other times it can be extremely cruel. I think it’s just best to say, avoid all gossip PERIOD. The best way to go about doing this would be to put yourself in that person’s shoes. I always try to think of what they may be going through, how we are different and why I really have no right to comment on their personal life.

Of course we all are going to gossip at some point in our lives, we are all human. Sometimes it’s just to vent about how we feel in a heated moment and other times it’s just because it got to the best of us. My advice would be to make sure the person you confide in is someone with great loyalty and trust to you. Gossip becomes extremely negative when it’s put in the wrong hands and is then spread like a wildfire.

So next time you find yourself running into some gossip, take a step back and try to put yourself in the other person’s perspective for a minute. Then realize how you would feel if you knew gossip about you was being spread and be the bigger person that puts a stop to it. It’s one thing to vent to someone how you’re feeling about a certain situation that you are personally involved in. It’s another thing to spread the gossip that you heard about someone else and turn something that was meant to stay private into something public.

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