One of the best ways to have a positive day is by starting your morning off right!

I suggest waking up a little earlier before you have to head to work and give yourself a little personal YOU time! Wake up earlier to take a walk and watch the sunrise. Wake up earlier to read the book you’ve been trying to finish outside on your porch with some fresh air. Wake up earlier to make yourself a healthy and non-rushed breakfast! Wake up earlier to meditate and gather your thoughts for the day!

There are so many reasons why we should all be waking up a little earlier to appreciate and have gratitude for the day ahead of us. There’s so many possibilities of what you could do to qualify as YOU time. The important thing is that you get up with good intentions that today is THE day and today is going to be amazing!

Whatever you tell yourself becomes your reality because you start believe it. So wake up and give thanks that you opened your eyes this wonderful morning. Wake up and conquer the day ahead of you and make it a great day! Spread love and kindness and positivity and be that infectious happy person that every one needs a dose of in the morning!

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