Today’s topic: Fear. Throughout our journeys in life we tend to discover what we like and what we don’t like, things we like to do and things we tend to avoid. But have you ever wondered what your life could be like if you ventured outside of your comfort zone, just a smidge, to discover something completely new and exciting and even liberating!

Most of us have an extremely difficult time getting out of our comfort zones because it is getting you to do something you either haven’t done before and is totally new to you or it’s opening you up to new experiences that you feel you may not be prepared for. We must remember that we are all born the same, we are all brought into this world with no prejudgments, with no bias or opinions and no fears! It’s not until we start to grow that we begin developing said fears. Some may be irrational and others may be brought about due to traumatic experiences but in life we are put on a roller coaster. Things are thrown at us from all sides and we must learn to deal and to heal with these things. The only real thing that is holding us back is fear.

We must learn to let go and move on. Can you imagine living a life where nothing changes for several years? All because you were scared to put yourself out there, scared to let go, scared to move on. We cannot and must not live our lives in fear because in the end does that really qualify as living? Those who live with no fear are the ones who get to experience the full beauty of life and can really say that they’ve lived. But for the ones frozen in fear, too scared to take a step forward or even a step backwards, those are the ones who stay stagnant in time. If you are stuck in one spot, you are literally just watching life fly by you.

So, today’s topic was fear, we need to stop letting fear hold us back and start living, like TRULY LIVING! I know that when my time comes, I will have no regrets because I chose to live my life exactly how I wanted to. No one wants to be the person who is old and gray and bitter because they wish they could go back in time to actually live their life.

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