With every action there is a reaction. Depending on how big or serious the reaction was will vary on how big or serious the action may have been. These are the basic things that we were taught in grade school! But this does not have to be the case for our actual daily lives. So many people feel that the world is just “happening” to them, which is true to an extent. Yes we cannot control what the world or the Universe throws at us, all we can control is how we choose to react or respond to the situations we find ourselves in.

When you find yourself being at the mercy of the Universe ask yourself this one question, “Will this matter in a year from now?”, ask yourself this BEFORE you react! Sometimes we can make the situation ten times worse just by how we choose to respond. We let our primal instincts kick in and turn into this raging, furious monster which breaks and destroys everything in its path, in other words, only making things worse. But if you took the time to stop and ask yourself this one simple question, we can then take control of the situation by choosing how to react.

At the end of the day, the only control you have in your life IS how you choose to respond to anything thrown at you! It’s a small but powerful control mechanism. You can either receive the terrible news and just let yourself go into a downward spiral, throwing yourself a pity party and letting everything you’ve worked so hard far turn to crap. OR you can choose to look at the bright side, find the silver lining and turn the situation into something positive!

For instance, a lot of people were let go during Covid. Instead of reacting negatively, throwing a pity party and worrying about everything that you have lost, we can turn it around and see it as a blessing in disguise. We now get to spend more time with our families at home, we can go outside and enjoy the fresh air a little more. We can finish some of the home projects we’ve been neglecting and in the mean time we can search for new opportunities of work, maybe ones that we’ve been holding back on because of the timing, and maybe ones that we’ve been wanting to pursue for a long time.

There is always a bright side to every single situation thrown at us and we can always find the silver lining. It’s up to us to change the way we think and to take control of our ONE control mechanism we have, HOW WE RESPOND. Do not explode over something that you won’t even remember in a year, it’s a pure waste of energy and it won’t get you far. We must choose to live in the present and handle all situations given to us with grace, patience and positivity. Just because you had a bad day, does not mean you have a bad life, you will make it through this and you will realize just how much control you have by choosing to respond gracefully.

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