This is something that may seem very simple and easy but it can actually be quite difficult and trying at times. The main point of setting a positive climate for anywhere or anyone you interact with is to be open to positive energy flowing and returning back to you. If we walk into a room or get into an argument with a negative climate surrounding us, nothing but negativity is going to return to you.

Setting a positive climate can be as simple as hearing the other person out, simply listening to their side of the story instead of barking at them and cutting them off. You never want to go into anything assuming the worst, we all must assume the best in order to set the positive climate. Another thing, we must not start our day “on the wrong side of the bed”. Yes we could have woken up grouchy but we should take a minute and re-evaluate all the things we are grateful for in this life and in this day and then reset our moods, or at least try our best to do so. Being positive may come naturally to some people but for most it does take a lot of effort, forgiveness and a lot of conscious decision making.

Imagine you are on the way to work and some ass on the street cuts you off and then has the audacity to brake check you! Of course this would make anyone mad and make us want to curse perhaps and honk on the horn. A lot of people then carry that road rage anger into their work space and walk into the room with furrowed brows and an attitude. Cutting people short on their greetings and slamming doors. You may even find any way to continue this unpleasant mood by listing every reason on why you wish to be elsewhere, why this job sucks and so on and so on. Not only have you let this stranger affect your mood but your letting your mood disrupt the happiness of everyone around you.

Instead of letting a complete stranger ruin your entire day, how about we just get angry for the one second that the incident occurred. You cursing and honking your horn honestly won’t make you feel much better and you spending the rest of your day in a frantic rage is helping absolutely no one. So why do we do this? Why do we let complete strangers, who we will never encounter again, take control of OUR day? This is where the conscious decision making comes into play. We must consciously decide to let it go, because perhaps he had to be somewhere and was in a rush, perhaps he didn’t realize he had brake checked you and cut you off. We must learn to see things from a different perspective and we must learn to let things go and to not let our negativity affect those around us, especially when the ones around you have nothing to do with the incident.

Setting a positive climate is like having a clean slate. Once you can rationalize why a person behaved the way they did by putting yourself in their shoes and trying to understand their point of view, we can then consciously decide to forgive and let it go. We can then decide to have a fresh start in the next moment by setting a positive climate for yourself and for others who are around you. By setting yourself back on the track to positivity you are then welcoming more positivity back into your life, and you will be surprised at how great your day may end up being.

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